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Life in General (63)

Last Moments of Bella Klump our Kitty
Archbishop Visit to Hillsboro, Aloha Vicariate
Farewell to Fr. Jeff “See you later” by God’s Grace
Good Friday: Need Prayers for Souls Trapped in Purgatory!
March 25th - Prayer Time for the unborn and who has died–Please add your prayers to our own!
For GranMama LolaBelle Kinzie Kutlas & Judy Neumann
YouTube Comments - Rome, Orvieto, Florence Italy Pilgramage!
Happy July 4, 2022 from Hillsboro Knights of Columbus 1292 Assembly!
Feast of Corpus Christi, Portland Oregon June 19, 2022
JUNE Monte Carlo Bowling Night!
Behold, Your Mother John 20:27
Oregon Right to Life Rally 2022 – Oregon Capital
I thank God for my 4th Degree brothers!
Personal Best Mako Shark?
Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec. 2021–St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Hillsboro
Archbishop Dwyer 1292 Dec. 2021 Christmas Party–St. Matthew Hillsboro
Christmas Cheer with Santa Mark Dec. 2021-Bethany Public House
Archbishop Dwyer 1292 Nov. 2021 Memorial–St. Francis Roy
Pray for Dobbs v.s. Jackson's w.h.o court case
Rosary Bowl 2021 Honor Guard
Oregon Right to Life–Oregon State Fair
Catholic Daughters of America–Thank you dear Sisters!
To Comfort a Beloved Sister and a Daughter of God
On The Spirituality of Lucia dos Santos
Receive these LAWS OF THE HARVEST this October and November 2015, and please gain wisdom with us!
Praying with Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland Archdiocese
Easter 2013 Memories - More of Our Beloved Chosen to Love In Christ
Dear Brian Decker, My Friend!...
Staying with SIS!!!
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ
The trials of life continue to lash us, persecute us, and crusify us.
Dear Reader Our Story of 2007 through 2012
Some Certain PEOPLE ->->Mako<-<- is at it AGAIN!!
Faith Begets Expectation, and Expectation Begets God to Act
Loose Tea to Better Your Health at Xiu Xian Tea in Bellevue, WA
St Louise De Marillac Capital Campaign Ground Breaking Ceremony
Pictures for Summer 2008
Fun with Lia, Dalek, and Stavros Independence Day Neskowin Oregon
Up in pork bellies the first day, and down in crude oil the next...
Don't know if I am awake or still dreaming...
http://home.klump-pdx.com/ngallery Photo Resurrected!
Littermaid Automate Crunch Time: If it's broke, you can probably fix it Yourself...
Proper Server Planning Prevents Poor Server Performance
Friends past and present
Life thus far in Redmond and Summer
A Day At the RACES, Emerald Downs Races!
Time to Continue On . . .
My Journey of Faith
Graduation and Commencement 2005
Roomba by Irobot the Magnificent
Just Dad and I...
Pizza just isn't the same...
Emperor’s Gold Tea and Tarra Root Moon Cakes...
Things that might characterize your computer...
Couldn't ask for a Better Study Break
Response Post: Best damn book *ever*
Beta Testing Feline Style?
A Middle Earth Holloween
Back from London England
London Extravaganza
Where were you on September 11, 2001?
Scott offer's a Uniquely Cool Perspective for Visiting Disneyland