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Dear friends and Faithful Catholic Brothers and Sisters:

My deceased sister Sara Katherine Klump came to me in a lucid dream last night as a disembodied smoky figure in great pain - THAT she is in fact trapped in purgatory because she made decisions in life that were against the will of God in the condition that she died in 2018.

My deceased father John Dean Klump Jr is very likely also with her in purgatory and many others like them both who made decisions in life that went against the will of God especially honoring His Holy name.

I'm going to join the others on the sidewalk today Good Friday, and then I'm going to continue that prayer for 9 more days At Church in His Presence With His Image of Divine Mercy for their souls of these specific two people to to be released from purgatory, and who came to specifically to me, MatthewJames klump.

Pictures of these two individuals can be found for Sarah Katherine Klump at https://copperminegallery.klump-pdx.com/displayimage.php?album=2&pid=408#im=0

For John Dean Klump Jr can be found at https://copperminegallery.klump-pdx.com/displayimage.php?album=2&pid=369#im=0

Dear friends and Faithful Catholics - Will you please accept this prayer request for specifically these 2 souls who are in purgatory with anyone who will accept and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with a Blessed Image of Divine Mercy of Lord Jesus Christ for 9 days for these two souls and for other known souls in purgatory?!

Thank you dear friends and brother and sister Catholics for the others and the mercy of God!

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com

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