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I could see it now just as the plane pulls up into the London Airport:

An observer just happens to look upon our group disembarking a 747 just in from Seattle International Airport, “Sweet heart, who's that guy over there with the two quart tankard hanging from his belt, the fourteen megapixel camera around his neck, and the custom build Pocket PC on his other belt? I'll bet he's one of those traveling tourist nerds we've heard so much about!”

We any way, I hope we don't sick out (like a handful of soure thumbs) that much while we're in London, but I do hope to make a lasting on the people I meet of how much I love technology. Especially while being a tourist!

We'll be off this Saturday the 4th returning the 11th. Please take note every one, I hope to see all of you back to our site to comment on said photos that could very well be six megapixel or better! So visit now and often, and we'll see every one back here in the not so distant future.

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