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I wish to dedicate this public message to all my friends of old who are continuing to try their best to make the most of life:

The first part of this post I would like to further dedicate to Karen Hansen, who I finally had the distinct honor of meeting with her new husband after 25 years of life in separate directions at Linda Gustofson’s Chocolate and Champagne party. Karen, if you are able to read this, send me an email, so that we add you to our Christmas Card list, and of course if you ever happen to be in the Seattle area or just wish to write back and forth. If you ever wish to chat, I can be found on MSN Messenger under my email for login (matthew@klump-pdx.com). If would also be great if we could get your email address as well as your husband’s so we can stay in touch. I will send an email to my sister Sara just in case you happen to contact her.

Erindale Cannon:


My wife Jill with Erindale’s new baby Angelina:


Joya was not with Erindale when she took baby Angelina with her that day to Jill’s and Erindale’s favorite Coffee Shop in downtown Monmouth. We did, however, finally get to meet baby Joya again that day since she was experiencing a “time out” earlier that day by the surigate parents Grandma and Grandpa. Joya is growing up very quickly into the young toddler she is now. I was not able to capture a picture of her, but the best was I could describe her is very healthy for a child her age, eyes of both her Mother and her Father, and long brown curls of locks.

We wish you the best, Erindale, Joya, and now baby Angelina. May you all find room in your hearts to bring your father, Art Mcgee, back into your lives as a complete and loving family once again… In Jesus name, we pray for this to be a reality, ah men…


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