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Then you know what a headache life can be when you Litermaid Automatic cat litter box by Applica Incorporated can be when this wonderful consumer product since slice bread decides to break down.

If you encounter the same situation that I did where I couldn’t get the litter rake arm moving again regardless of whether the device was plugged into an AC power outlet or powered by batteries, then follow these simple steps to get your automatic Littermaid cat box rake arm moving again:

1) Un plug all power supplies from any AC outlet and remove all batteries.

2) Where the rake arm would normally move all the way up to the receptical side to depress to two switches: Press both of these rake arm retraction switches, simultaneously ten times, and in a row as shown in this picture. The switches are located at the end of each track on each side of the litter box:

3) Wait 5 minutes.

4) Plug you AC power back in or put your batteries back into the Littermaid cat box.

5)  Your scoop/rake arm should be moving once again, and everything as working again just fine!

If these touble shoot steps helpped for you, please feel free to comment your experience below.

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