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This is in my response to the revolution started by Rory's post here. I know this is a little late reaction with senior project in progress, but here goes:

I'd have to say that the best damn book *ever* I've read, the one book that turned my life upside down, the one book that forced me to throw away the chains of emotional survitude to people that did not care, the one book that made me strive to climb to the highest levels of being the “nerdy engineer” I am today is: <>

You Can Become a Super Salesman!!” by Paul R Kenian

You guessed it folks, when I was handed this by the multi-level marketing freek show at Quixtar, it made more sense to have choice B) the life of a dedicated engineer, than choice A) their way, or any one else's (no reference to my current employer is being inferred in this post or any other for that matter).

No one at “the phone company” reads my blog of any kind, so I'll leave that blasted disclaimer off.

If any one reading this has a similar story to tell, please do! Blog it, email it, comment on it, but DO NOT keep it caged! Let the animal out every once and a while WITH OUT the disclaimer...

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