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In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

Since April, 2006 of our baptism we endured the following attacks against us (the short list):

1) 7 unemployment layoffs that terminated our income.

2) Loss of our home (condominium we were living in from shortsale) in Issaquah, WA.

3) Mandatory loss of health insureance that didn’t pay for abortions, and now forced to purchase health insurance that covers abortion through Obama Care HS1Mandate.

Here are listed addional prayers that both Jill my beloved wife and I Matthew James are praying for:

Jill’s & Matthew prayers as a couple – June 2012 (covering the last 9 ½ years)

Attacks on Fertility

--Almost pressured into IVF/Donor Egg

--Testing difficult

Course of treatment for Premature Ovarian Failure

Not natural at first or what Jill’s body needed……

Attack on growth of family

Tested/attacked -- language of our bodies that must be preserved for Jill and for Our Lord

Attack on Daily Routine

Attack on privacy boundaries

Attack on careers

Forced to pay unnecessarily due to bad analysis

$14k set back

Loss of Advanced Degree Business

Attack on close family/friends:

Deaths in family/friends over the years of our marriage:

· Uncle Art

· Gladys Johnson

· Grandma Ruth

· Grandpa Merle

· Gloria Stahlman

· Floyd Bleisner

· John Lynch

· Terry O’Hare

· Jean Ralston

· Tamara

· AC Rainboldt

· Father Phil Wallace

We are also praying for the following people who died before we were married:

· Fred Gruver (biological father to Matt)

· Mark Hanna (cousin of Matt’s)

We are praying for those who needed healing of any kind over the years of our marriage as well as those needing healing presently:

· Uncle Chuck

· Al Elijah

· Sara Klump

· John Klump

· Roy & Lola Kinzie

· Bill Feyerherm

· Grandpa Harold

· Ann Osborne

· Margaret Abraham-Csorgo

We are praying for the following, that their spirits may be lifted:

· Lia

· Steve

· Daleck

· Stavros

· John Hanna

· Erindale

· Angelina

· Joyah

· Greg & Stacey Martin (we sincerely hope we can reconcile our differences)

We are also praying for the ordained ministers who have touched our lives:

Fr. Tom Belleque

Fr. Pat

Fr. Ysrael

Fr. David Brown

Rev. Barbara Bellous (the minister who married us)

For the pets in our lives:

· Beta (cat who died in the early part of our marriage)

· Murphy (the dog of Jill’s parents who died during a weekend we stayed with them)

· Sly (cat of Jill’s parents who died during Christmas 2011)

Dear God through Christ Our Lord, we offer up all of these dire attacks and their life changing consequenses to you Lord Jesus through Your Cross by the Power of the Holy Spirit with us - we yield to ourselves totally in body, mind, and spirit to you Lord Jesus.

In the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ah men.

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