The opinions expressed in this public online diary are my own personal opinions, thoughts, and feelings and do not represent anyone else's view including family members, my employer, and friends in anyway, unless of course you believe in GOD and constantly need JESUS through Mother Mary with His power to save, heal, and instill forever peace like I constantly need him.

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I “again” need to remind anyone who may choose to read this online diary that all of the opinions, views, and feeling expressed here are explicitly my OWN and DO NOT necessarily reflect ANY ONE ELSE’S including co-workers, family, friends, or casual relationships. I strongly encourage everyone who does read my personal thoughts to leave comments at the bottom by using this link.

I write this entry publicly because I understand how important words and experiences like this can make other people (such as yourself who are reading this feel very good inside).

I can tell you that when I experienced my first Christian mass that took place in the middle of the chaotic work week, which also happened to be on All Saints Day of Celebration, I was converted inside my heart from an only partial belief to a full-fledged believer of the Catholic Faith. This took place just as I happened to be at one of my low self-esteem moments with still trying to find work.

It has now been three days since I was converted to the way of Christ in my heart from November 1st, 2005. And on that third day, I felt it very important to make a personal reconciliation with Christ that I now share with whom ever is reading this to make my penance more public in nature, and personally more real for myself that I will never consciously give into temptation ever again, and thank Christ for all my Earthly Blessings.

I ask that Christ and God forgive my biological father Fredrick for the things he did in life, and to seriously look at his last act of selfless sacrifice before he gave up his spirit in death for the safety of a perfect stranger. I also ask that Christ and God forgive my Cousin, Mark Arthur Hanna, for unwisely letting an impaired friend do the driving before the accident. I ask that Christ and God bless all our dearly beloved that have passed into your heavenly kingdom and your care dear Lord.

I have not yet found exactly who my Patron Saint is, but I sincerely hope through prayer, meditation, research, and my name which so happens to be Matthew James, that I might discover who this is.

On April 16, 2006, I will receive my full confirmation into the Catholic Faith, yet I am already prepared to give up everything to follow Christ.

Thank you for everything, and to you for sharing in this prayer to Christ our Lord, ah men.

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