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I have lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly twenty nine years now, and it seems that no matter what we decide to do with our lives that God always has the final say in who stays and who goes including circumstantial events in our lives that just so happen to appear out of no where. Yes sir, whether we like it or not, God is always there helping us to get out of jam ups along the road of life.

That just so happened to be true at this time in my life because I have applied for and have been accepted to work at Microsoft in Redmond, WA doing Windows CE mobile development testing. So naturally Rory Blyth’s discussion on Windows Mobile will be a huge benefit for what I’ll be assigned to do. God is leading me North out of Oregon in virtually the same way he lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and across the Red Sea, and he is not being subtle about this since we’re having to leave many family and friends behind.

As we embark on this fantastic journey down the road of life, we remember all the good times spent in and around all of Oregon from the cost, to the cascade mountains to the high deserts and lava caves. We will miss you Oregon, and also be right next door!

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