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We very much need prayers for an Aunt Judy Neumann Feyerherm who died recently, may she rest in peace.

My GranMama LolaBelle Kinzie Kutlas is dying - This is her second critical/major stroke that she suffered this week!

We ask for the Special Intercessory Prayers of our Mother Mary Ever Virgin and Mother of God, and Saint Joseph Patron of a Happy Death to please aid her in her time of need!

Please send more Holy Angels! We humbly ask also that a Mass of these special intentions be lifted UP and said for Judy and LolaBelle.

Greetings, beloved family to all Priests, Deacons, and laity -
We were told last Sunday about 3:30pm during our prayers of Mercy for GranMama LolaBelle Kinzie Kutlas by Nurse Emma is in far reaching and comfort care that our humankind can give to another at that time at Sunnyside Kaiser in Clackamas OR.
However, she suffered at least 2 major stokes this last week, and she needs our Spiritual Assistance now as she is very much Catholic from baptism!

She was married faithfully to Roy Martin Kinzie for 76 years of blissful joy as they both walked through the battle of Life of both joys and sadnesses with their two daughters mom Kathy, and Aunt Beckie.
Does anyone know of a Priest who will to attend GranMama LolaBelle for immediate Prayers for Intercession, a Mass said, or Sacrament of the Sick attended?
Lastly, is she to be honored with the Last Rights/Extreme Unction/Anointing of the Sick Sacrament, OR the Catholic Funeral Mass of Christian Burial ✝️?
If she is to have a Catholic Funeral Mass, then do you have need or want to, through me in my association with the Knights of Columbus of Oregon, honor Her Memory further with an Honor Guard through the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree at her Funeral Mass or Internment at the burial site?
Sincerely in Faith and Peace of Lord Jesus Christ through Blessed Mama Mary in Union with Spiritual Father Saint Joseph.

AMEN ✝️☦✝️️ !!!

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com

We love you GranMama! -


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Goofing off with GramMama, my sweetheart JillSuzanne and Mark Ziegler at Charthouse Portland fish restaurant! -


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