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Eternal rest grant onto her, OH LORD, and may perpetual light shine upon her.

Saint Joseph, Patron of a Happy Death, pray for us.

AMEN ✝️☦✝️️.

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com



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Thank you, Your Grace Archbishop Alexander King Sample, for your delightful visit to this corner of the Portland Archdiocese in Hillsboro (St. Matthew Parish) and Aloha Oregon (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish)!







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The following public announcement by issued by his grace Bishop Alexander Sample for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s changing of the guard dated June 2nd, 2023.

  • 1. Rev. Paschal Ezurike – Holy Redeemer, North Bend / Administrator: Holy Name, Coquille (p)/St. Anne-St. Michael, Myrtle Point (m)

  • 2. Rev. Theodore Prentice – St. Cyril, Wilsonville

  • 3. Rev. Jeff Meeuwsen – St. Joseph, Salem

  • 4. Rev. Gabriele Maria White, OJSS – St. Joseph the Worker, Portland

  • 5. Rev. Edgar Rivera – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Aloha

  • 6. Rev. Silverino Kwebuza, AJ – Shepherd of the Valley, Central Point

  • 7. Rev. Paul Ybarra, CSC – Holy Redeemer, Portland

This is very intriguing as St. Joseph, Salem is the LARGEST parish in Oregon, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Aloha is just about the smallest parish in the Portland area.

Even more intriguing is Father Edgar Rivera’s previous assignment was from St. Joseph in Salem! So effectively, Fr. Jeff and Fr. Edgar are exchanging pastor assignments!

So we  say with heart felt love and joy farewell to Fr. Jeff and Godspeed in new assignment at this summer’s parish picnic out 2023, and welcome to Fr. Edgar we have not met.

Fr. Jeff says, “I feel like I’m accepting a trophy”, and I respond “We can only hope by God’s Grace”. As he has always acted in the place of Christ ‘In Persona’, then it would be me as a desperately reforming poor sinner who would be that trophy to be received to Jesus through Mary with Joseph – from a certain point of view.


Our last group shot together as a new life season begins.


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Dear friends and Faithful Catholic Brothers and Sisters:

My deceased sister Sara Katherine Klump came to me in a lucid dream last night as a disembodied smoky figure in great pain - THAT she is in fact trapped in purgatory because she made decisions in life that were against the will of God in the condition that she died in 2018.

My deceased father John Dean Klump Jr is very likely also with her in purgatory and many others like them both who made decisions in life that went against the will of God especially honoring His Holy name.

I'm going to join the others on the sidewalk today Good Friday, and then I'm going to continue that prayer for 9 more days At Church in His Presence With His Image of Divine Mercy for their souls of these specific two people to to be released from purgatory, and who came to specifically to me, MatthewJames klump.

Pictures of these two individuals can be found for Sarah Katherine Klump at https://copperminegallery.klump-pdx.com/displayimage.php?album=2&pid=408#im=0

For John Dean Klump Jr can be found at https://copperminegallery.klump-pdx.com/displayimage.php?album=2&pid=369#im=0

Dear friends and Faithful Catholics - Will you please accept this prayer request for specifically these 2 souls who are in purgatory with anyone who will accept and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with a Blessed Image of Divine Mercy of Lord Jesus Christ for 9 days for these two souls and for other known souls in purgatory?!

Thank you dear friends and brother and sister Catholics for the others and the mercy of God!

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com

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Dear friend, brother Shawn at 40 Days for Life and all faithful brothers and sisters -

I remember now like it was yesterday when I said the words in prayer as I struggled to return to the sidewalk - "I TRIED WITH THE PITIABLE MIGHT I HAVE TO GIVE MORE CHARITY (CARITAS), BUT MY PRIDE KEPT GETTING IN THE WAY!" ✝️

I will be paying for that with a greater or lesser degree each day for the Rest Of My Life..! ✝️

With your help, brother Shawn and our Portland, OR and Beaverton, OR area leaders like yourself, this problem can one day be totally eliminated to go and do without Pride...

I am sorry we could not have some prayer time over these matters that you write to us and lead us about the Unborn, for our elderly who have died and who are about to die, and our brothers and sisters on Death Row or other capital punishment...

I am sorry that they suffered ✝️, and I am sorry that they died .

May God have Mercy on Us All ✝️, and on the whole World !

Dear friend, will you kindly please pray this recorded Holy Hour taken on March 25 Annunciation Day 2023 at St. Matthew's Hillsboro, OR Parish KofC 1634 memorial stone for the Unborn?

The audio quality is low, please turn up your volume, and pray with us the Holy Rosary sorrowful mysteries with the chanted Divine Mercy Chaplet, and a song of rememberance and penitence "Will the Circle be Unbroken?" at this URL Iink https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 .

Will you listen to this Holy Hour in the silence with your family and those who are with you at home or at adoration before Our Blessed Lord https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 ?

Will you please, kindly add our prayers to yours to multiply the affects of these prayers where two or more are gathered in His Name for what we are praying over https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 ?

In Jesus's Holy Name through Blessed Mother Mary in Union with Saint Joseph, thank you dear Friend!

AMEN ✝️☦️✝️️.

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com


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We very much need prayers for an Aunt Judy Neumann Feyerherm who died recently, may she rest in peace.

My GranMama LolaBelle Kinzie Kutlas is dying - This is her second critical/major stroke that she suffered this week!

We ask for the Special Intercessory Prayers of our Mother Mary Ever Virgin and Mother of God, and Saint Joseph Patron of a Happy Death to please aid her in her time of need!

Please send more Holy Angels! We humbly ask also that a Mass of these special intentions be lifted UP and said for Judy and LolaBelle.

Greetings, beloved family to all Priests, Deacons, and laity -
We were told last Sunday about 3:30pm during our prayers of Mercy for GranMama LolaBelle Kinzie Kutlas by Nurse Emma is in far reaching and comfort care that our humankind can give to another at that time at Sunnyside Kaiser in Clackamas OR.
However, she suffered at least 2 major stokes this last week, and she needs our Spiritual Assistance now as she is very much Catholic from baptism!

She was married faithfully to Roy Martin Kinzie for 76 years of blissful joy as they both walked through the battle of Life of both joys and sadnesses with their two daughters mom Kathy, and Aunt Beckie.
Does anyone know of a Priest who will to attend GranMama LolaBelle for immediate Prayers for Intercession, a Mass said, or Sacrament of the Sick attended?
Lastly, is she to be honored with the Last Rights/Extreme Unction/Anointing of the Sick Sacrament, OR the Catholic Funeral Mass of Christian Burial ✝️?
If she is to have a Catholic Funeral Mass, then do you have need or want to, through me in my association with the Knights of Columbus of Oregon, honor Her Memory further with an Honor Guard through the Knights of Columbus 4th Degree at her Funeral Mass or Internment at the burial site?
Sincerely in Faith and Peace of Lord Jesus Christ through Blessed Mama Mary in Union with Spiritual Father Saint Joseph.

AMEN ✝️☦✝️️ !!!

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com

We love you GranMama! -


Thanks Giving Dinner with GranMama at Edgemont Downs! -


Christmas Dinner with GranMama at Charthouse Portland Fishhouse! -


Goofing off with GramMama, my sweetheart JillSuzanne and Mark Ziegler at Charthouse Portland fish restaurant! -


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What’s up youtube land?

If you have any questions at all about this gloriously humble pilgrimage to Italy at the center of the Christian Faith, then PLEASE post your comments here!

You may post them here bellow or email them to matthew@klump-pdx.com, and thank you for caring about the Catholic Faith to Lord Jesus through Blessed Mother Mary in Union with Spiritual Father Saint Joseph!

AMEN ✝️☦✝️️ !!!

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com

The original YouTube playlist for this recorded witness can be found at - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3nNRNZaAlqmi3DiskVH0w7f6uLrb6lIa

The original post for this announcement was on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pipsjoy.harvest/posts/pfbid035KW5Y2Ua8ULPKXSJQ7idDoMHqmFDnDrPiRU9UqtyyAkrSSzmLyUvtA9xbDii5XSKl


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Marching Brother Sir Knights – 2.4 miles! Gush we’re tired!


Marching Brother Sir Knights with Santa Mark (Christmas in July!), AND Caesar Julius Augustus (IFF that is his name)! [OKAY! okay… MAYBE we are not quite tired yet here, not started yet hurry up and wait 30min. to get REALLY started later! 10am PST…go figure…]


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Thank you God, Jesus Lord and Savior through Blessed Mother Mary in Union with Saint Joseph on the Most Solemn feast day of Corpus Christi - To be able to Praise God in the Holy Eucharist in two Corpus Christi processions we were able to repent, ask God for Forgiveness or Our Sins and the Sins of Others.

Please Oh God, complete my cleansing through Holy Confession again and wash away my guilt. Amen.

The first Procession was at 8:45am, Saturday, June 18 at St. Cecilia Parish Beaverton, Oregon with Father Carey, Father Peter, et al. The second was at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland, Oregon at Noon, Sunday, June 19 with Archbishop Alexander K. Sample and Msgr. Gerard O’Connor.

The Catholic Sentinel was extra careful to explain that – “Plans called for the cathedral procession to end at the North Park Blocks. But that district was a staging area for Portland’s June 19 Pride Parade, which drew thousands marching for LGBTQ rights,” and also explained Eucharistic Adoration at Couch park here. We are very much under attack each day in the Body of Christ!

We have 1 inspiring picture from the Saint Cecilia Prolife and Respect Life committee:

MatthewJames and brothers standing Honor Guard over St. Cecilia Parish Beavertion, OR procession of the Holy Eucharist!


Here is the Corpus Christi 2022 footage from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception as I was walking with my brother Sir Knights from across Oregon to watch over the Most Precious Body of Christ as Our Mother Mary’s Knights in service atoning, praying to God through Mother Mary “Viva Christo Rey!”, and asking God his Forgiveness and Mercy through Lord Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar!

2022 Corpus Christi Procession 3/4 The procession arrives at Couch Park for the Rosary.

Posted by Archdiocese of Portland on Sunday, June 19, 2022

2022 Corpus Christi Procession

2022 Corpus Christi Procession 2/4 Archbishop Sample and the faithful process up NW Davis St.

Posted by Archdiocese of Portland on Sunday, June 19, 2022

2022 Corpus Christi Procession 1/4 Archbishop Sample begins the procession at the Cathedral and leads a flock of the faithful to Couch Park.

Posted by Archdiocese of Portland on Sunday, June 19, 2022

2022 Corpus Christi

2022 Corpus Christi Procession 4/4 Archbishop Sample leads the Rosary at Couch Park and then begins the procession back to the Cathedral.

Posted by Archdiocese of Portland on Sunday, June 19, 2022

Thank you Your Grace Archbishop Sample for the privilege of serving you and Msgr. O' Connor for Mass and Procession of Corpus Christi! See you next year!

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Thank you so much friends Mrs. Sharon, brother Gene, sister Kelly, Mrs. Hall, brother Johnny…

Thank you all so much for a great time out at Hillsboro Park Lanes for Monte Carlo bowling night for the cash and prizes fun!

Here is some footage (sound is scratchy, still working on it) for that night’s entertainment, and thanks giving for no better way to end a week…

Here we're offering congratulations on great competition at the end of the evening, and Good Night - See you next time!

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