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Dear friend, brother Shawn at 40 Days for Life and all faithful brothers and sisters -

I remember now like it was yesterday when I said the words in prayer as I struggled to return to the sidewalk - "I TRIED WITH THE PITIABLE MIGHT I HAVE TO GIVE MORE CHARITY (CARITAS), BUT MY PRIDE KEPT GETTING IN THE WAY!" ✝️

I will be paying for that with a greater or lesser degree each day for the Rest Of My Life..! ✝️

With your help, brother Shawn and our Portland, OR and Beaverton, OR area leaders like yourself, this problem can one day be totally eliminated to go and do without Pride...

I am sorry we could not have some prayer time over these matters that you write to us and lead us about the Unborn, for our elderly who have died and who are about to die, and our brothers and sisters on Death Row or other capital punishment...

I am sorry that they suffered ✝️, and I am sorry that they died .

May God have Mercy on Us All ✝️, and on the whole World !

Dear friend, will you kindly please pray this recorded Holy Hour taken on March 25 Annunciation Day 2023 at St. Matthew's Hillsboro, OR Parish KofC 1634 memorial stone for the Unborn?

The audio quality is low, please turn up your volume, and pray with us the Holy Rosary sorrowful mysteries with the chanted Divine Mercy Chaplet, and a song of rememberance and penitence "Will the Circle be Unbroken?" at this URL Iink https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 .

Will you listen to this Holy Hour in the silence with your family and those who are with you at home or at adoration before Our Blessed Lord https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 ?

Will you please, kindly add our prayers to yours to multiply the affects of these prayers where two or more are gathered in His Name for what we are praying over https://fccdl.in/7H7MNCOAD3?st=0 ?

In Jesus's Holy Name through Blessed Mother Mary in Union with Saint Joseph, thank you dear Friend!

AMEN ✝️☦️✝️️.

-MATTHEWJAMES klump-pdx.com


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