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The following public announcement by issued by his grace Bishop Alexander Sample for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s changing of the guard dated June 2nd, 2023.

  • 1. Rev. Paschal Ezurike – Holy Redeemer, North Bend / Administrator: Holy Name, Coquille (p)/St. Anne-St. Michael, Myrtle Point (m)

  • 2. Rev. Theodore Prentice – St. Cyril, Wilsonville

  • 3. Rev. Jeff Meeuwsen – St. Joseph, Salem

  • 4. Rev. Gabriele Maria White, OJSS – St. Joseph the Worker, Portland

  • 5. Rev. Edgar Rivera – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Aloha

  • 6. Rev. Silverino Kwebuza, AJ – Shepherd of the Valley, Central Point

  • 7. Rev. Paul Ybarra, CSC – Holy Redeemer, Portland

This is very intriguing as St. Joseph, Salem is the LARGEST parish in Oregon, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Aloha is just about the smallest parish in the Portland area.

Even more intriguing is Father Edgar Rivera’s previous assignment was from St. Joseph in Salem! So effectively, Fr. Jeff and Fr. Edgar are exchanging pastor assignments!

So we  say with heart felt love and joy farewell to Fr. Jeff and Godspeed in new assignment at this summer’s parish picnic out 2023, and welcome to Fr. Edgar we have not met.

Fr. Jeff says, “I feel like I’m accepting a trophy”, and I respond “We can only hope by God’s Grace”. As he has always acted in the place of Christ ‘In Persona’, then it would be me as a desperately reforming poor sinner who would be that trophy to be received to Jesus through Mary with Joseph – from a certain point of view.


Our last group shot together as a new life season begins.


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