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By now you probably noticed several new photos that were posted from events occurring over the summer. If you haven’t checked that out yet, it may be found here. I haven’t yet had a chance to clean up the comment spam left by several other visitor, so if you wish to comment on any of the pictures there, please use this link to do so. This particular gallery is hosted from home, so please be forgiving if your connection is slow. Thing started off with a BANG, this summer with the first event being the Renaissance and Fantasy Fare in Gigharbor, Washington, next it was off to the Yamhill Valley Winery for wine tasting through Neighborhood House Association with offices in Multnomah Village of Portland, OR. About three weeks later after that we went waver runner ridding with my man Greg Martin, and also hiking  out by Snoqualmie-Pasqualmie (sorry for the pun) Falls for a short Jill hike to see the falls, the power generation station, and the great Lodge that is there at Snoqualmie. Great prices I hear for the loading… A few weeks later after that it was off to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands where Jill’s parent purchased a new vacation home, soon to be retirement home. We most especially enjoyed the the sunset just over Victoria Island on the other side of the channel. It was also a tremendous pleasure to Orcas out hunting for food in the channel on just the opposite side of the Island. Too bad I wasn’t able to get a good enough photo to be seen to place with the other photographs. The light house you can see there is the vantage point from where we saw the whales. The final and of course must relaxing time I was able to enjoy with just one day with Grandpa and I fishing at the inlet to the Salmon River. The fish you seen me holding there is a 27 pound fish I caught out by a part of the inlet our guide called “The Trojan’s Helmet” and that I’m barely able to lift becuase of it being so full of meat and salmon eggs. Yes, I just so happen to catch and eat a fall Chinook Salmon that was on her way up river lay her eggs in louse gravel to continue the population of the Chinook Salmon species, right up until the point she smelled the herring bate at the end of my fish hook. The fish that you see Grandpa holding is a 15 pound fish that our tour guide, Scilus, had hooked and Grandpa had reeled in.

This first week of October has been kind of depressing is I lost my first opportunity at full time with Microsoft since I am still a hard working software engineer. This second weekend may even get more depressing since taxes for the precious year is due by the end of this month, oh woopty-do, lucky me. Generally speaking about life as a human on Earth, we must balance the good with the bad, and hope someday to be in a place we never have to worry about loss, hurt and suffering again.


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