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Well, that's a very good question that deserves a good answer as you all of course are wondering.

As I write this blog entry in digital ink, I shall attempt to relay what happened as best I can.

It all happened one fine afternoon when myself and my lovely wife Jill were planning our trip to see Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith...  the date was Sunday, May 15th, 2005. By 8:30am the following Tuesday I'm getting the one phone call from my wrte, the likes of which none of us want to hear: "Matt, your Grand Mother Ruth just passed away." Well, needless to say we were on a plane the following morning (5:30 am) back to Illonois for the Memorial service and didn't get back until the following Sunday just in time to finish up and turning Senror project over at OIT.

I must admit that seeing the rest of the Feyerherm extended family was great. For the other Side of the family that was also visiting, I am very proud to be a Roman Catholic Church supporter and whorshiper. I'm also a head strong supporter of the Portland Police Department since several really good friends of mine work there. I enjoy aftershave I can smell while I'm driving, and I do not consider myself a racist, a bigot, a male shovenist, or bias towards color, religion, sex, or preference in any way shape or form, not to mention still very much enjoying to play the game of golf just for fun.

Needless to say, we had to miss plans for PADNUG, PND, both of our birthday celebrations on Friday the 20th and Sunday the 22nd, and going to see Revenge of the Sith that Saturday before we got back. Life still has that interesting way of catching off guard when you least expect it.

I can definitely expect to post again about my full experience with senior project up until now, my experience with recently upgrading thus wonderful dasblog engine, and graduation that is far too fast appoaching! Our photographs for this rather unexpected trip are viewable at our photo gallery site http://www.klump-pdx.com then click on the photo gallery.

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