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This is probably the only time you’ll hear me rag on someone in this forum since I am leaving in a few months to go have some fun at Microsoft, so here it goes:

So I was happily moving along, doing my 2006 Code of Conduct Training when I found I could keep pressing the <> button on each presentation slide and BYPASS all of the required questions for credit. The next thing I know, I am writing an email to AskComplianceTraining@qwest.com about not testing their web application.

Dear Qwest Corporate Compliance:

I develop software and web applications myself, and I found a BUG in your software/web application for the code of conduct training!! First of all you guys should be more through about testing your software and web applications more throughly before you deploy them. Secondly, I specifically selected to do the training with the low-bandwidth 56k or less options to go though the training. Having done that, I was able to select each objective topic and keep pressing the <> button over and over without answering ANY questions until my browser came back to the objective home screen and the topic I was SUPPOSE to cover crossed out. In this way, I was able to eliminate every objective topic without the accountability of reading the topics, knowing the topics, or being tested by answering the questions. This obvious bug appears to have completely defeated the purpose of the 2006 code of conduct training. I hope this tidbit of warning will prompt some fixes in the next release.

-Matthew, DV76

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