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In response to Gloria’s story in the Seattle Times and the out pouring of support and prayers by her faith community, my faith simply demanded that I write to her a short note:

Dear Gloria,

Both I, Matthew James, and my wife Jill of St. Louise De Mariliac parish in Bellevue, WA have heard and read of your story from the beginning, especially by my wife Jill.
We are also members of the anointed Knights of Columbus Counsel 4385 at St. Louise parish and also the Young Adults Group Ministry of St. Louise De Mariliac, and all of us extend our prayers out to you for speedy healing and a complete recovery. And if this is not the will of our most holy Lord God Jesus Christ, that he whose heart lights every dark place in this world, take you Gloria to his bosom as you enter into the throne room of God to live forever and reign with the holy family, Saints, and hosts of heaven, one God, forever and ever,
Ah men.
Many of us wish that we could follow you as you are reborn from this life to life everlasting in the next. Like infant children who do not understand, none of us who are still disciples of Jesus here on Earth are meant to understand what life with him is like until our faith walk in his glory on Earth is at an end. The Gospel of Jesus tells us over and over again not to fear, and that through faith we are saved.
To my knowledge, you have done exactly this, so you have nothing to fear, and when the time comes for his second coming to you, your rebirth as your are given victory over death will be glorious!

This is my prayer for you and my belief as told to me by his word, the one true Living God.

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