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For any and all reading this blog for the first time a “Redoubling Affect” or “Doubling Time” is best described by Wikipedia as the time it takes for an amount or quantities to increase twice in size or amount.

In the spirit of sowing sacrificially of what is owed to God to receive a harvest later by way of the Law of the Harvest we wrote on a bit earlier located here:

Our prayer is to continue redoubling what little we own about every 3 months to 6 months by continuing through no secret of ours as trading the Spot Forex Market foreign currency exchange for quite sometime since about 2009.

Our aim is to conduct this in the greatest amount of safety possible, yet still try to achieve the same doubling time discipline, sowing, and reaping.

The safety aspect of trend trading this Forex market heavily depends on a method, as 35 lessons, given to us at Forex Early Warning by Mark M et al, the forex heatmap, and MetaTrader by MetaQuotes.

The combination of these tools on the four-hour-interval timeframe charts of MetaTrader terminal of the EUR/NZD that look like this as a breakout are what keep us on track to achieve or doubling time:


Charts that occur like this give as a certainty of of 80% percent probability success out of 100% to make our goals leaving the 20% left or 1 out of 5 that will almost always get away from us because of news from the centrals banks of the G-8 countries.

The 1 of of 5 we really need to watch for takes most of our time to stop a trade cold when the weakness or strength of the base currency or the cross currency that cause an entry suddenly stops, halts before progress, does not move at all, or takes too long to start making us PIPs that translate to money.

I am presently working on several ways to protect us:

1) Maintain disciple to watch the charts manually, and exit at the first obvious sign of trouble.

2) Manipulate a downside risk stoploss to break even as our trade succeeds including using a lengthened trailing stoploss with more room to move above the four hour chart volatility amount or how much a currency pair can move in four hours.

3) Lastly to use a programmed solution using C++ and MQL4 languagues and scripting to exit our troubled trade for us automatically at the first sign of trouble based on several predefined factors about a currency pair's movement and also a currency group's movement for each 7 pairs of 8 groups.

To this day with my github.com code –  I am working on to achieve this goal one day for automating the third choice for forex trend trading safety to the best of our ability afford by God.

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