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I realize the blog post is a bit over due, but here it goes...

This picture was taken at Everett, Washington United States Navel Base on Saturday, March 1st, 2008. The occasion was to humbly promote me to the esteemed rank of Sir Knight: Matthew James Klump in 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus as a new member of his Very Reverend William J. Power assembly 1630. I appear in this photo with our Master of Ceremonies, myself mistakenly wearing my name badge with my tuxedo, and my wife Jill with her brides maid dress that you recognise from the wedding of Caroline Hill and Patrick Pitz.


In this photograph with my Jill and I is Brother Sir Knight Trevy Burgess who was knighted the same time I was.


This is our actual moment of being knighted: My eyes are closed praying to Almighty Father God Most High while kneeling before a member of the Washington 4th Degree Team, also giving my oath to protect and defend our church including our clergy of brother Priests in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It looks like Jill momentarily found something funny to look at.


In this second picture of our knighting, it looks like our roles are reversed with Jill’s eyes closed and my eyes being opened (presumed of course by God himself). At the time I think I was looking at another member of the 4th Degree Team, and looks hard to tell, but Jill is either praying or still laughing, I can’t tell which. My assumption is that she is praying.


More photos of the Public Knighting Ceremony:










More information about the Knights of Columbus Catholic fraternal organisation and our mission can be found at http://www.kofc.org. Our council’s web site is located at http://www.kofc4385.org/, and our parish at http://www.stlouise.org, state council and assembly 1630 web site http://www.kofc-wa.org/.

God Bless you for visiting, and come by again our web site to see us often!

-Matthew James

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