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I think NOT! You know you’re in the line to get into hell if the sign above the door reads “DMV Express.” Due to the obvious fact that “DMV” and “Express” is a contradiction in terms, and is very similar to if not exactly the same as the relationship of “Government” and “Intelligence.”

The way it worked out is this, twice I felt kind enough to send in our new vehicles title and registration and twice the darn thing was returned due to check not arriving at the same time as the application or vice versa. So I have to admit that I took the plunge, at 1 pm when that darn place was at there busiest! From 1 to 3 pm I was gloriously subjected to full blunder that the magnitude of such a mistake could possibly render: Having to look at that blasted sign “DMV” and “Express,” in line, for over two hours with one person at the desk helping the people in line… Are we asleep back there? Or is every one STILL out to lunch?

In the humble opinion of this blogger, there is no single greater government bottle neck than the department of motor vehicles offices served up any how you like. If any one out there has ever had a similar experience, please do comment about it here! What were you able to do in line to pass the time?

The solum reminder / moral of this story is: Don't waste your time at any of the DMV offices, always insist on does business by mail, phone, fax, email, or http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/. If you can get away with it, insist on setting up appointments for any of the driver / knowledge test without waiting in line (for example you just picked up number 465 while the last person called is number 6!! :( ).

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